The answer to the simple question, “How do I know if I am pregnant?” changes your life in a matter of seconds. To simplify you this moment of great emotions, we offer you a summary of our main articles with the information you need to determine if, indeed, you are pregnant and what to expect in the near future.

All about pregnancy tests

How to do a home pregnancy test: step by step no errors are allowed in this test! We give you instructions step by step that you take your home pregnancy test correctly.

When do pregnancy test? I urge you to know the answer, but take the exam ahead of time can result in a false positive or negative. You say accurately how long wait for reliable results in your home pregnancy test.

Are home pregnancy tests effective? Sometimes Yes, sometimes not. It all depends on what test jacks, and that do it the right way and at the right time.

We give you the percentages of effectiveness, tips to avoid errors and we tell you why you can get a false positive or a false negative.

What is the best pregnancy test? We talk about the differences between the types and brands of home pregnancy tests, their advantages and disadvantages. We summarize research on the reliability of the pregnancy test.

How are pregnancy tests? Blood and urine tests can determine if you are pregnant. We tell you how they work and the difference between them. We are also talking about the sonogram or ultrasound, a tool that helps confirm your pregnancy and monitor their well-being.

Are home pregnancy tests reliable? Common reasons why you get false results in your homemade pregnancy tests and how to avoid them.

The first symptoms of pregnancy

Pregnancy symptoms: early days (before the menstruation is missing you) The changes in your body starting at the time that you are pregnant. You instructions on how to identify the symptoms – even before they have delay in your menstrual period – so to confirm or discard your suspicion of pregnancy.

Symptoms of pregnancy: first trimester The largest adjustments occur during your first trimester of pregnancy. We give you a list of symptoms which wait and – most importantly-how to deal with them.

12 remedies to relieve nausea in pregnancy Nausea can be a part of the pregnancy, but have no why ruin your day. We give you simple tips and remedies to relieve them.

Hyperemesis Gravidarum: when the nausea in pregnancy are extreme Persistent and excessive nausea can be a sign of hyperemesis Gravidarum, a little-known disease that affects pregnant women and endangers their health and that of their babies. Here you will find the definition of hyperemesis Gravidarum, its symptoms, treatment, research and advice to manage the disease.

And now?: your first trimester of pregnancy

First month of pregnancy (weeks 1-4) Details about the changes in your body, your baby’s development, prenatal care and what to expect in the first few weeks of your pregnancy.

Second month of pregnancy (week 5 to 8) In the second month, symptoms and discomforts of pregnancy make mischief. Details about what you feel and how your baby grows.

Three months of pregnancy (weeks 9-12) The end of the first trimester of pregnancy brings you great relief. Discover all about the changes in your body, your baby’s development, prenatal care and what to expect at this stage.

Stages of pregnancy Summary of your pregnancy by trimester.

Pregnancy calendar Detailed information about your pregnancy month-to-month and in one place: changes in your body, the development of your baby and the care that you need to have. Quick access to ovulation and due date calculators.

Blogs and participation of readers

Home pregnancy tests are not as reliable as it announces the box The information printed in tiny letters on the packaging of home pregnancy tests is striking–and somewhat disappointing-. We give you the percentages of effectiveness according to the time they are taken. Read more on this shopping site.


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