Women with Cancer Do Not Need to Leave behind the Dream to Be Mothers

A study of a company specialist in reproductive medicine, showed that women who preserve fertility for cancer, have a lesser degree of concern about the disease.

The study Infertility and cancer in young woman. Psychological features, performed by the IVI to 40 women who have been diagnosed with cancer, reproductive age and at a time prior to chemo and radiation treatment, revealed that the degree of concern of patients with the disease decreased at the time they were subjected to the procedure of fertility preservation.

When a woman receives a diagnosis of cancer is facing many doubts and fears. One of them has to do with the possibility of being a mother after chemo and radiation treatments. It is important that the patient receives the best and most complete information possible about the disease, therapy and its consequences.


Sergio Soares, Director of IVI Lisboa says that, “Unfortunately, we found young people wearing maternity bottoms who don’t have preserved their gametes (reproductive cells-ova in females and sperm in males) for lack of information” and recalls that “7:00 pm every 10 patients overcome illness.” Sergio Soares reinforces the idea that the need for sensitization and information of doctors oncologists for the possibility to preserve the fertility of their patients (whether through Cryopreservation of eggs, embryos or ovarian tissue), although not a guarantee of a future pregnancy, it is certainly a feature to use if patients stay infertile after cancer treatments.

For your time, Philippa Salem, a psychologist with the IVI Lisboa, argues that “take the step to maintain gametes in a fertility clinic for a young person who had never been sick (…) helps view the disease as something transitory and with a happy ending. ”

In the case of men who are diagnosed with cancer, can also preserve fertility, freezing semen samples before starting cancer treatment.