What is Fetal Vitality Decrease?

Many women do not know, but at the time of normal delivery, the baby may begin to suffer from decreased fetal vitality, thus requiring cesarean delivery.

What is Fetal Vitality Decrease?

Birth is the miracle of life. When a woman becomes pregnant she spends the nine months concerned about the development and health of the baby inside her uterus. Generally, the fetuses spend this period without suffering in the mother’s belly.

A baby may feel uncomfortable or uncomfortable if his mother is a woman who smokes, drinks alcohol or uses other types of drugs, but if she has a normal life, the fetus looks good until the time of her birth.

What is Fetal Vitality Decrease?

During normal childbirth, a medical team monitors the baby’s well-being through cardiotocography, which sees how the baby’s vitality is. If the test finds that the baby is suffering, that is, its vitality is decreased, a cesarean section is recommended.

The decrease in fetal vitality is when the fetus suffers, ie during labor, each contraction of the uterus tightens the baby’s head. That is a natural thing, but the fetus needs to have a good reserve of energy to withstand all the pressure for a long time until it is born. When the baby does not have an energy reserve, he begins to suffer.

When the baby is suffering inside her mother’s uterus her fetal vitality decreases and this can cause lack of oxygen, and as a consequence, cause problems such as cerebral palsy. In more severe cases, the little one may even die.

How to resolve Decreased Fetal Vitality?

The only way to end the suffering of the baby is to give up the normal birth and perform a cesarean section. Thus the little one will be taken from the belly of his mother quickly, with that, his life and his mother are saved.

It is essential that pregnant women know that this decrease in fetal vitality can only occur during normal labor. In fact, the fetus may suffer inside the mother’s belly, if she does wrong things, but that is another matter.

Every mother needs to be aware that everything she does can do good or bad for her baby. The tip is that when the woman discovers that she is pregnant, she leaves aside all her vices and customs that may affect the little one.

Therefore, decreased fetal vitality can occur in normal deliveries that take a long time to complete. So if you find that the baby is taking too long to be born, ask your doctor to perform a cesarean section.