They Relate to Eating Peanuts during Pregnancy with Allergy in Children

Allergy to nuts is one of the most common childhood food allergies. It is unknown what causes the allergy, but the answer could be in fetal life. A new study It relates to eating peanuts during pregnancy with allergy in children.

Even so, in view of the result, still not entirely conclusive, it would be rushed to recommend pregnant women remove the consumption of peanuts in their diet, because no one knows for sure if eating it is causing allergy in the child.

What if found is that the children of women who had eaten peanuts (or peanut) while pregnant were almost three times more possibility of developing allergic reaction than the children of mothers who had not eaten.

More than 500 babies aged between 3 and 15 months old allergic to milk or egg who participated in the study (by being more prone to food allergies), more than one quarter had a strong reaction in the test’s sensitivity to peanuts.

Although not required in how much the consumption of peanuts in pregnancy can affect an allergy in the child, they also found that much more peanut had eaten a woman in pregnancy, most at risk had her son to have a positive result in the test. However, eating peanuts while breastfeeding did not appear to influence the outcome.