The Importance of Physical Exercise and Sex at the Time of Delivery

Discover the benefits of each time to have the baby, that way also help at the stage of pregnancy and what are the cases in which they shouldn’t practice

Pregnancy does not imply physical inactivity in fact women who exercise and sex during pregnancy generally have a labor faster, support better the pain of the contractions and are less exposed to the need of interventions such as forceps or caesarean section. In addition, the exercise can be extremely beneficial to a permanent body changes, helping the mother-to-be to progressively adapt to your body, leaving you in a good mood and minimizing the physical discomforts associated with pregnancy. Sex, in addition to obviously help in the physical part of the body, have the dominant role in your psychological part, helping the woman to keep your self esteem high and to maintain the feeling of being a woman and not just mom.

-Physical exercise

Benefits of physical exercise:

-The sport and gymnastics Act mainly in the cardiovascular system of pregnant, allowing better blood circulation and oxygenation of the cells. Many exercises, especially the inverted postures, help blood return, irrigating important parts of the body that are compromised by the physical changes that occur in pregnancy. The blood carries the oxygen to these regions, avoiding the numbness of upper and lower limbs, particularly of the hands and feet, as well as the cramps, heavy and swollen legs (edema) and even the formation of varicose veins.

-Gymnastics provides relaxation is important at this stage of the life of the woman, who is being subjected to constantly stress natural situations and strong emotions.

-To exercise, the pregnant will better your body lack of purchasing, understanding better the transformations that are occurring with you. As a result, you will feel much more secure and ready for delivery.

-The gym helps burn calories, which allows better control weight gain during pregnancy.

-The regular practice of physical exercise provides a lower frequency of constipation. The body in motion ensures a better functioning of the intestines.

-Increases the lung capacity of pregnant and helps to control the rhythm of the breath.

-Allows an improvement in balance and posture, contributing to the relief of back pain.

-There are certain exercises that allow the strengthening of the pelvic floor, part of the body of vital importance during pregnancy, because it holds all the weight and is where you will pass the baby. The exercises should be performed before and after childbirth and can prevent urinary incontinence not only, as the Parthians instrumented or perineal lacerations, surgical or episiotomy.

-Certain postures and diaphragmatic breathing practiced the exercises work the muscles of the abdominal wall. After the baby is born, it will help the stomach back into place more easily.

-Constant exercises give more flexibility to the body and contribute to a dose of extra energy. The physically fit should be a goal that all pregnant women should want to achieve.

To choose the practice mode, the pregnant woman should be guided by what it had been previously. If you are used to do sports regularly, there is no reason to suspend the practice except for medical advice. If the body is accustomed to physical activity, you can even “complain” your lack because deprives the oxygenation pregnant, relaxation and general well being that this practice you provided. The main recommendation is moderating pace.

On the other hand, if the pregnant never did gymnastics, is a good time to start. Before you begin, you should advise the obstetrician to evaluate your physical condition and put aside the chance to handle a pregnancy.

Ideally, the pregnant exercise, mildly at least three times a week. Check the heartbeat in all sessions, leaving no exceed 140 per minute. The pregnant should seek the guidance of a physical education professional experienced in working with pregnant women.

The sports best suited in each stage of pregnancy

First quarter

While exercise should be able to speak without missing a breath. This is going to be hard for an aerobic activity, therefore, limit this practice. The anaerobic exercise like lifting weights, can be practiced for a longer time, as long as the intensity is smooth. Don’t forget to drink juices to keep the sugar level.

Walk: Improves circulation, helps digestion, eliminates the fat, tone muscles, etc. Twenty to thirty minutes a day.

Bike: Improves aerobic capacity. Develops the joints and muscles of the legs and glutes, helps eliminate fats, etc. Twenty to thirty minutes, two to three days a week.

Step: is a low-impact cardiovascular work, improves aerobic capacity, increases the strength and endurance, etc. About 40 minutes from two to three days a week.

Yoga: gentle and slow movements of yoga helps with breathing and relaxation during pregnancy and in childbirth. Strengthens muscles and improves flexibility. The Union body-mind-spirit of yoga is a perfect match to face the changes of the body-mind-spirit who suffers by pregnancy. A session daily or three times a week.

Second quarter

Choose aerobic activities with minimal risk of injury. The center of gravity is changing, to decrease the risk of Lions avoid activities that require a lot of balance.

Energy Tours: improves cardiovascular health. The contact with nature carries him the batteries. Thirty minutes a day, or 4 times a week.

Bicycle: it will be like riding on a bike ride but without risk of losing balance. Thirty to 40 minutes a day, four to five times a week.

Abdominal exercises: do them back or on all fours. Try to use a pilates ball to perform smooth but deep abdominal movements during pregnancy. This will help that your column does not suffer with the baby’s weight. Three sets of 8 to 10 repetitions each. This two to three times a week.

Third quarter

The baby’s weight and the restriction of movement limit the variety of exercises, however, may try to keep fit. Avoid those high-impact exercises. Replace them by others: walk the strides instead of running.

Swimming. In addition to the benefits of the exercise, let the water hold the your weight can be a placental and vitalizing release. Between 20 to 30 minutes daily, if possible.

Water aerobics. Is an ideal way to perform a gentle aerobic. Thirty to 40 minutes, three to four days a week.

Tai-Chi. The typical movements of Tai Chi are ideal for this quarter. Two to three times a week.

Kegel exercises. Train your pelvic muscles, allowing the muscles to stretch completely during labor and that contract soon after. To know which muscles contracting try to stop the urination stream when urinating. Once you know, you can exercise them in any part, five sets of 10 reps several times a day.

When you do exercise …

Take suitable footwear.

Drink plenty of water before, during and after. Always have on hand some energetic element, such as energy bars.

Always start slowly and don’t forget to warm up.

It is recalled that the center of gravity is changed, which will affect your balance and your coordination.

Do not expose it to high temperatures for a long time, overheating can harm an unborn baby, especially during the first trimester.

Perform exercises moderately. The fetal heart rate remains normal when the intensity of exercise is slight, as if your heart reaches 180 beats per minute can cause fetal pain and a lower heart rate. Take a watch to mediate the pulses to control the pace.

Do crunches with care.

Don’t do many exercises in which has to be lying on your back, especially at the beginning of the second quarter, and be sure to make them when you get to the 20th week. The weight of the uterus can compress the inferior vena cava, this brings the blood to the heart, since their lower extremities, which reduces the blood flow to your own head and to the baby. This way, if you feel dizzy while on your back, turn around and put aside the rest.

Sports discouraged

Run more than three kilometres daily

Ride a horse



Jumps on trampoline

Contact sports, such as football

Races and athletic sports

Risk sports

The exercise is contraindicated in women with the following complications:

— Pregnancy-induced hypertension;

— Incompatibility cervico-isthmus;

— Threat of pre term labor;

— Placenta previa;

— Uterine Contractility;

— The second and third trimester Bleeding;

— Multiple pregnancy at risk of pre term labor;

— Heart disease;

— Lung Disease;

— Intrauterine growth delay.


Every time you exercise within the limits, the baby receives an increase of oxygen through the blood that it speeds up the metabolism and gives you a strong stimulus. All your tissues, especially the brain, functioning at peak strength.


It is believed that sex encourage labor acting in three different ways. The orgasm can stimulate the uterus; sexual activity can stimulate the production of oxytocin; and prostaglandin present in sperm can help soften the cervix.

However, the sex is contraindicated if the bag has broken, because there’s a risk of infection. Sex must also be avoided in the case of low placenta or vaginal bleeding.


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