Stop Smoking in Pregnancy and Resume The Habit after Childbirth

It is so great love that feels a mother for his son but only makes one month that it has been conceived, being able to quit smoking, and it seems perfectly normal to us, it is not a sacrifice as you do with knowledge that is best for him, avoiding thus suffer a miscarriage, sudden death of baby , respiratory problems, etc., but then how much you want you MOM? Why then you go back to smoking?

A survey conducted by the Ministry of health of the Generalitat, the pregnant 2006 tobacco survey, has shown that only in Catalonia the 73.2% of the women quit when they become pregnant, but after birth recovered the habit.

The Government will start a program to stop pregnant smoking, but in addition will continue after the baby is born, according to a program for Pediatric smokers parents control.

This initiative will be extended throughout the health network, professionals in the areas of sexual and reproductive health, obstetricians, gynecologists, pediatricians, etc., they will be trained to properly recommend future dads on smoking from the moment in which planned to have a child, and after the first step, after 9 or 12 months without smoking, do you think that it is worthwhile to do it again? You’ll still hurting you and your child will start to be a passive smoker.