Smoking during Pregnancy and Breast Feeding Decreases The Fertility of The Baby If It Is a Girl

Curious. Eliana last month spoke to us about the results of a study indicating that pregnant women who smoke reduce the fertility of the baby that are brewing if this is a male.

Now, a study by researchers at the University of Toronto (Canada) comes to the same conclusion in the case that the baby is a girl.

This not only not doubt that tobacco is very detrimental to the health of the developing baby, but for their fertility day who decides to have her own children.

Scientists discovered that smoking during pregnancy and breastfeeding may decrease the fertility of the daughters.

To check they injected under the skin of rats polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH), a substance present in cigarette smoke, and observed that his female offspring were one third less active ovarian follicles compared with rats that had not been exposed to PAH “daughters”.

I.e., if this study is applied to humans in the same way, women who smoke during pregnancy and breast-feeding would be declining ovarian function of their daughters.

You have already warned that you should quit smoking if you plan to have children, because it is proven that decreases the fertility of both men and women, but the implications go beyond, so you should go also leaving it if someday want to have grandchildren.

Via | AZPrensa further info | Journal of Clinical Investigation