Pregnant Women Deserve a More Personalized Health Care

By what I have lived, I have to say that to the attention of the pregnant woman in terms of humanization, communication and dealing with the patient still some long way to go.

I have no doubt that there are excellent professionals from the medical point of view, but personally the medical style House won’t me. I think that a good professional must be complementary in the facet medical and human.

Pregnancy is a very important stage in the life of a woman. And very disconcerting, especially gilts that come with so many questions and so many fears.

For this reason, I think it is necessary that the physician has some skill in dealing and put a touch of affection in the relationship with your patient. In short, the psychological aspect is a fundamental part of the pregnancy. If we are worried or anxious about something, our State of stress also influences the baby.

I will tell you my experience a little. In my two pregnancies I could feel lucky if the monthly inquiry lasted more than ten minutes. It was full of doubts unclear despite having led all the scored questions. I felt I was going to do one administrative process rather than a medical appointment, an appointment we hope with all the anxieties that we released in 5 minutes.

Maybe not had luck with doctors who touched me, since my gynaecologist (which is unique) could assist me during childbirth (which were very good) but very few times during controls, in which I made the pilgrimage of physician in physician. And in general, they were very dry and distant, both private and public health.

The alternation of doctors may make the relationship with the patient very impersonal, what makes us feel still more homeless. Not to mention if you have any complications. I was a result of a triple screening (a diagnostic test) quite worrying and professional advice in addition to impersonal was very cold when we were talking about something as important as the possibility that my baby could be a congenital problem.

As I said before, can that has had bad luck and having lived many years in Argentina (where the medical treatment is much closer) is not accustomed to the insensitivity of some doctors, but what find me regrettable is that we should get used to cold treatment because “it is what it is”. What can be changed if women demand and doctors respond. You pregnant them and their babies deserve a more personalized medical care, with more dedication to their concerns. Somewhere the change should begin to occur.

How your experience has been? Have you ever felt contained by the doctor? do you think that the medical treatment of pregnant women could be improved?


Women’s Health

Women's Health


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