Poll: Attend Classes of Preparation Delivery or Not

All pregnant women and their partners wonder or imagine how will be the time of the birth.

As I said on one occasion, I believe that the work of prior information helps deal with the time of delivery with realism and more calmly. In that information, classes seem to me to be fundamental.

Although, as pointed out our colleague Lola, which help good preparation to childbirth classes. Those that combine a physical preparation with an emotional, trying to birth as a natural process. Those that provide you with information about the before, the during and after childbirth, which inform you of all your options, which you orient on breastfeeding and the first weeks of life of the baby, postpartum…

However, there are whom preparation classes don’t you think properly prepare and choosing other sources of information, or there is simply decide that not worth for nothing and that what has to be, will be.

In our special pregnancy I’d like to know your opinion about training that we can take when approaching the end of pregnancy: birth preparation classes. How, is the survey not valid both for our readers men and women, since we believe that preparation classes are a thing of two. I encourage you to reply, you’ve already had the experience or consider it for a future more or less likely.

You can check the option of your choice and then give “vote” so the vote is posted. In “View results” you can see how the results, and more forward we will give them to know in a new post to know what or what are the major choices.

How not, apart from the vote can leave your comments about your opinion or personal experience. Thank you for participating!

What do you think of the birth preparation classes? (survey software)

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