Only 20% of Women Quit Smoking to Become Pregnant

The message given to any woman who becomes pregnant, even since you are looking for a pregnancy, is forget about out of tobacco.

Perhaps many women fail to raise awareness about the consequences that can have its habit in the gestation of the baby. Although I can understand that it is difficult to leave it, I can hardly understand how are unable to stop when what is at stake is a child’s health.

In some cases attributed to psychological disorders of women such as depression, but in many others the myth believe that the anxiety of not smoking is worst for babies that consume a cigarette once in a while.

The truth is that they are very few women who quit smoking to learn that they are pregnant. According to the Medical Association of Valencia only 20% of women get pregnant smokers quit.

There are no doubts about the strength of the figures. Must be improved! Inform and create aggressive campaign style that are made with drugs and alcohol in teenagers or the sort we see now on the non-use of seat belt in children.

Maybe women aren’t so aware because they do not see clearly the consequences. I will take to enumerate some of the effects that has smoking on the baby in pregnancy. If any pregnant leave today I will feel more than satisfied the habit.

Multiply by nine possibilities of which the child suffer in childhood attention deficit. It substantially increases the risk of sudden infant death syndrome. The children of mothers who smoke are predestined to smoking at an early age.

Not only that. It reduces the fertility of the child, it damages the arteries of the baby exposed to higher risk of cardiovascular disease, is associated with children’s otitis and the risk of being born with cleft lip. If you consider it important, there are studies that claim that babies of mothers who do not smoke are more cheerful and adaptable.

And this is just some data, without naming 744 babies die per year in Spain from maternal smoking. Deaths that could be avoided if the mother quit smoking.

Smoking front to children has been considered a form of child abuse, why mistreat the child since it is in the womb?