Fasting during Pregnancy, a Very Dangerous Habit

The power care is extremely important during pregnancy. This should be varied and that provide all the nutrients both for mother and baby.

Fasting during pregnancy is more dangerous than believed. New studies on the impact of the fast make note the negative that is during pregnancy. A decade animal research demonstrated that in advanced pregnancy if the animal does not consume food for more than 12 hours he increased the possibility of premature births. One of the mechanisms that explain the phenomenon is the fact that a substance called releasing hormone ACTH, which in turn can induce premature labor during the fast.
Similarly, other studies have corroborated that in pregnant women of less than 34 weeks of gestation exceeding 13 hours (including night) periods of fasting increase three times the chances of preterm birth.

You best recommendation is to not stop spending more than 9 hours of fasting and eating foods with high nutritional value. To do this you should not skip you none of the meals a day and if you are someone that wakes up late, a plate of fruit, nuts, or a glass of milk next to your bed to make it to midnight benefits and avoids the problems that can arise with a prolonged fasting.