Eating Fats in Pregnancy Associated with Atopic Disease

Today we wonder why allergies in children have increased so much in recent years. One of the answers is, without doubt, feeding from the mother during pregnancy.

Nine years ago a study published in the European Journal of clinical nutrition, as it was the fat saturated consumed by the mother with a greater risk that the child will develop Atopic Disease.

According to the investigations, the children of mothers who had eaten many foods with high content of fat saturated during their pregnancies, were 16% more likely to suffer allergies than those whose mothers had controlled better consumption.

Atopic disease affects 10% of the child population and manifests itself in eczema and itching and dryness of the skin, known atopic dermatitis, but also with rhinitis, asthma, conjunctivitis and urticaria.

Allergies have increased spectacularly in children in the last decade, over all are very common in Western countries. In fact, one of every four European children is allergic.

It is very clear that the mother’s diet has a decisive influence on the health of the baby in a way or another. A varied and balanced diet during pregnancy, controlling the quantity and quality of fats consumed, is essential to avoid future problems in children.