Antacids during Pregnancy Linked to Childhood Asthma

More than half of women suffer heartburn at some point during pregnancy. While there are natural remedies, many pregnant women opted for some antacid medication to relieve it.

It is not to be alarmed, since it is only a first investigation that will continue to deepen, but it is interesting to know in what sense are new studies.

At the annual meeting of the American Academy of allergy, asthma and Immunology, a team of doctors from children’s Hospital in Boston analyzed data from three national health registries Swedish and has concluded that antacids are consumed in pregnancy rise 51% chances that the child suffers asthma.

This means that antacids could be a factor of potential risk for the development of childhood asthma, but on the blog we have seen that the causes of asthma, the most common childhood disease, are also closely related to other issues, most linked to the environmental health and lifestyle we carry.

Anyway, it is a good occasion to remember that medications during pregnancy should always be indicated by the physician.

In addition to medications, there are other ways to combat acidity based on the care of feeding. We must not rule out natural remedies that sometimes can be very effective to relieve certain ailments.



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