A New Technique Applied to Incompatibility Rh between The Fetus and The Mother

A Basque laboratory, Progenika, has developed a new technique called Bloodchip, consisting of a genetic analysis of the blood which helps to improve the complex blood transfusions and also applies to women pregnant women have incompatibilities with the fetus.

Known as Rh incompatibility between mother and fetus occurs when the blood of the mother is RH-negative and the baby, Rh positive. In the majority of cases he solves with an inmonuglobulina of Rh injection to prevent the development of antibodies against red blood cells from the baby in the mother.

The diagnostic test to detect incompatibility that occurs in pregnant women through a blood test called Coomb’s Test.

Now, this pioneering technique in molecular biology which is being applied in the service of health Basque, Basque, is a new tool more safe and accurate to genetically determine blood groups.

It serves to detect incompatibility with greater reliability and speed and track along the pregnancy of women who have a different to your baby’s Rh.

In the case of fetal intrauterine transfusion, this new technique provides the fetus the blood transfusion exact you need by analyzing their DNA, minimizing the risks of adverse reactions that could be very serious for the baby from occurring.

In addition, vaccines and unnecessary treatments thanks to the possibility to get to know the needs of each mother are avoided. It is also useful to give advice before the arrival of future children, once the genetic analysis of the woman, her partner and baby.

As always, we welcome all the advances that are applied to improve the control of pregnancy.